Last month Fab and I attended the Cosplay Photographer’s Alliance Holiday Meetup and it was suuuuuper cute.

I decided to design and sew some Sailor Scout holiday outfits for us and give it a go!


And I think it turned out as fantastic as this hair flip!

Look how cute! We were super matchy-matchy. And Fab made us new tiaras which are perfect.

And then we met Cristina! She was dressed as Sailor Mars, and we hit it off. We’re planning on cosplaying together more next year. So look out for that!

Costumes designed and made by me

Wigs are Arda styled by Fabienne

Chibi Moon – Fabienne Miskelly

Sailor Mars – Cristina Fanta

Serenity – HustleandBustleCosplay


All the wonderful photographers in order of appearance







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