It’s time… I’ve done it…


I’ve reached my “final form”

I got this terrifyingly beautiful mask from Target, actually I pre-ordered it in September when my friend sent it to me. And then I knew, I had to do this photoshoot. I made the dress, which is adorned with tiny Charles’ and I made tiny Charles a tie with the Charles fabric on it. Yeah, confusing, just how I like it.

Don't talk to me or my son ever again

I feel like we did it, like let’s shut it down. This has taken me full circle to a level of obsession for Charlie that I am ecstatically confused about, I just love him so much.

Charlie’s stepdad, my boyfriend (and photographer!) Anthony, also bravely suggested he wear my black cat kigurumi and we sit for a family photo.

And thank you to Fab and Nobo (said friend who provided mask link!) for helping wrangle Chuck-Beans and myself.

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Mask – Target

Dress/Hair/MU/Charlie’s tie – ME!

Photography – Anthony A. Altomare

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