Someday you’ll find it… the rainbow connection…


I made this Rainbow Playsuit for my best friend’s wedding. And it perfectly captures the Lady Raincorn backpack I sell on Etsy, so we had to put together a photoshoot.


WOAH! Rainbow explosion, am I right? You might remember the shoes I made, well this is the whole outfit! This three piece playsuit is my new favorite thing, I look like a flamboyant flamenco dancer, and I love it. I designed the ruffled crop top, and patterned a pair of high waisted shorts I had. The overlay is actually detachable as well!

I love how the sleeves work both on and off of my shoulders!

And here I have the Lady Rainicorn bag! It’s so cute and fluffy and gives me bubbly warm feelings when I wear it!

Like my playsuit? Want your own? I can make you one. Send me an email


Styling/Makeup/Hair/Accessories – Me

Photography – Anthony A. Altomare

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